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Client Forms

  Feel free to download the forms to fill out before your first session.  

Consent for Massage- pdf opens in another webpage  

Consent for Massage- Microsoft word document download

- This form only has to be filled out before your first session.  It reviews basic rights of both the client and the therapist. 


Health History Form- pdf opens in another webpage  

Health History Form- Microsoft word document download

- Before the start of your first session, it is important to reveal your health history to your therapist.  Certain conditions alter the approach we use during sessions.  It is imperative to be as accurate as possible to provide a safe and effective session.

- Updates to this form should be done when there is a change in your health status.


Body Chart- pdf opens in another webpage  

Body Chart- Microsoft word document download

- This chart is going to be filled out at each visit.  It will give your therapist a snapshot of what is going on with you on each visit.


Physician's Permission form- pdf opens in another webpage

- If you have recently had surgery or a procedure that you have been under a doctor's care; you may need this form.

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