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The cupping technique we use is not the traditional fire cupping.  You may have seen people with "cup kisses" which are common in the traditional practices.  Cup kisses are the result of a large quantity of debris being brought below the surface of the skin.  Traditional methods allow the cups to stay in one location for extended periods of time to help move debris in the tissues.  A common name for the debris is sha.  Our techniques keep the cups moving for the most part.  Occasionally a cup may be placed in one area for a few moments for different purposes.  Generally the short amount of time that a cup is in one location is not sufficient to bring the debris to the surface, but to free it up within the tissues so the lymphatic system can eliminate it.  The sha is not painful and will generally fade or go away within a couple of days.  Sha or a cup kiss is most definitely not a bruise.  Bruises are caused by trauma to the tissue.  Feel free to visit the ACE Massage Cupping website to find out more details about the techniques used in our practice.  Watch the video above!


Sound Healing

Believe it or not, sound is a very powerful tool for healing.  Different moods draw us to different pieces of music.  Our bodies resonate and receive the frequencies based on what is happening at the moment.  Many clients that receive tuning forks integrated in their treatments are surprised at how effective they can be on treating pain.  Massage Magazine has a nice article about using sound in healing.


Mini Spa Day:

The Mini Spa Day includes a 30 minute Biomat session, 90 minute massage, aromatherapy, fabulous foot treatment, hand and foot sugar scrub and Eco-fin treatment, beverages, and hors d'oeuvres. Approximately 3 hours.



Couples need to call to schedule appointments.

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